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Die 4. Jahrestagung der AIG fand zugleich mit dem 4. Weltsymposium unter Leitung von PD Dr. U. Hasbargen in München statt.


Arnold; Jena; Deutschland; Topographic characterzation of neonatal EEG patteme using time-variant multivariate AR-spectral analysis

Bottome; Detroit. Michigan; USA; Computer support of multcenter triale

Breborowiczs; loznan; Polend; Muitivadate statlatioal analysis as a fetal heart rate power spectra classifier

Butterwegge/Pluta; Osnabruck; Deutschland; lntroduction of the gennan structural act into 160 obstetric departments by implementing a special documentation system

Chattedas; Albuqueraque; USA; Medical education in the 21 at century-interactivs muitimedia

Chik; Detroit. Michioen; USA; liedlcal center intemetwork computlng - brldglng the information highways

Dietz: Bem; Schweiz; Rnt expsnence wlth a cli ent/server based obstetric record as a part of a clinical information

Dombrowski; Detroit; USA; Computerlzed admission forms: a better Idee

Fellenstein; Heme; Deutschland; Computer assited extenal four-chennal tocographiy during deilvery and preterm labour

Garlosi; Nottinghsm; U.K.; Computer genereted antenatal growth charta; Computer aided lesming program for CTG interprntetion during labaur

Grubbe; liedin; Deutschland; Clinical experiences with computer aided information of pulmonery pemmetern in newbom lnf ente

Heim; Innsbruck; Österreich; Evaluation of obstetric EDP on a pensonal Computer

Klee; Wiesbaden; Deutschland; One year experience with FetaDoc3000 - Clinical and statistical applications

Konle; Zonch; Schweiz; A Computer program for operating the reflectance mode pulse Oxyimeter System we developed

Kurmenevcius; Zurich; Schweiz; Sonccomp - a software for documentation, management and meesroh in ultresound diagnostios

Maeda; Hamematsu; Japan; Naural network analysis of fetal hart rate: Hybrid and parnilel eppllcations of convsntionel progrem

Martier; Detroit; USA; Transsction processing for the fetel elcohol rnsesrch center

Merz; Aachen; Deutschland; improve manitoring of vital parametern in a neonatal intensive care unit

Mink; Homburg; Deutschland; Technicel espects of dansitometnc measurnments using vldeo-based Image analysis systems

locczko; Poznen; Poland; Muitivariate statlstlcal anelysis es 5 fatal heart rate power spectra daasifier

Mongell; Nottingham; U.K.; Dating methods and induction policiies for post-term pregnancy: a Computer simulation model; A gestetion-adjusted computer program for the detection of Down's syndrome and neurel tube defecta.

Müller; Zürich; Schweiz; Proto-typing of an event driven interactive obstetncai management  system

Reuschendorfer; Detroit, Michigan; USA: Enterprise wide netoworklng in an academlc heaith system: a progrnss rnpor from Detroit

Ruhnke; Bedin; Deutschland; Cyco-A Databese for Cytolngic end colposcopic monitoring

Seufert; Mainz; Deutschland; l'srinetal information Management with GabLand-Windows

Shioemitsu; lbaraki; Japan; Cross-correlation of the fetal heart rates between twin fetuses

Staiger; Essen; Deutschland; Tasktimer 1.0 for windows by tlme/System - chances and risks of commercial timer- and project-management software in clinical everday use

Steffens; Herne; Deutschland; Computer assisted evaluation of faur-channel tocographic meaaurnments

Whitty; Detroit, Michioan; USA; l'ractical computlng for pednatal researoh

Witte; Jene; Deutschland; Pettem nscognition for neonatal monitodng through
         simuitaneouely optimlzed prnprcessing units and Neural Networks

Yamakoshi; Gunma 376; Japan; Fatal movements monitodng from intemal amall
         displacement measurnments

Yanagita; Tokyo; Japan; 8 mm Videotape Editing System For SmaIl Matemity Cllnlcs and Hospitals In Japan



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